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3DO Stuff I Own



04/02/01: Finished the 3DO Buy-guide skeleton, which can be viewed by clicking the link below. I plan on researching the games left blank and filling them in. When I am done with the content I will format it in HTML and repost it. I also plan on adding a recommended buy-guide-by-category. So, for example, if someone doesn't like RPG's, they can skip over the category of RPG's.

The 3DO Buy-guide v0.2

03/30/01: Added "3DO Stuff I Own" page. I am working on a revised, more complete version of the 3DO Title List (link below). I am also working on a "Buy/Don't Buy" list which will give 3DO owners out there a good idea of which games are worth any money and which games aren't. Added image logo (created with, check it out). Made small rotating logo, I don't know if I'll keep that one though.

C. Boland's 3DO Title List

03/28/01: Created page, I have been wanting to create a webpage about the 3DO for three years now, but only now have I done it. I plan on gathering all the information on the 3DO that I can find. I plan on sharing the information with everyone by posting it on this site in a thoughtful, organized manner.

Ryan's 3DO 4 LIFE

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