Infinite Health!

Endless Ammo!

Unlimited Time!

Weapon and Level Select!

Free Money

Immense Knowledge!

Limitless Speed!

Hidden Secrets Revealed!

Preloaded with the hottest game codes! User friendly. Menu driven. Download new codes from the exclusive GameShark website,!

Minimum System Requirements:


Gameshark is the ultimate computer game enhancer for Windows 95/98 games. With GameShark, you can take your gaming to new levels of fun, exitement, and victory! Gain access to hidden characters, weapons, and vehicles. Even the odds with infinite health and endless ammo. Obtain those hard-to-find keys with ease. "Put in the fix" so your team always wins. GameShark takes you where you want to go

The GameShark's easy-to-use, mouse-driven interface makes it easy to retrieve hundreds of pre-programmed codes, and connect to the internet for thousands more!


This is the Interact GameShark for PC, Windows 95 or 98. Above is most information printed on the box. This item has never been used or opened. Box is in decent condition with the tab on the top as the exception. Everything should be inside. Includes: all documentation, registration card, instructional video, parallel port unit (acts as pass-through for other parallel port devices), and GameShark software CD. A unique and hard to find item. It is very rare as I have never seen it in stores or in an eBay auction. I have heard that this item retails for $69.99 so this is a bargain! This was a gift to me and I never got around to using it. Shipping and handling will be $8.00. United States only please. E-mail me for payment information: Good luck!

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Custom "GameShark" image copywright Virtual Mechanics 2000
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