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Do you have a computer problem? Now that computers are becoming widespread throughout the world and even in our neighborhood, more and more problems are popping up. It seems like there is another problem every other day! That's where we come in. We are higly knowledged in the computer problem field and we can fix virtually any problem that may come up in your daily operation of your home PC. So if you want your personal computer running in top shape e-mail us and we will happily respond. So if you have just got a new computer and it immediately has problems with it, don't call the big retailers, they'll just put you on hold for a half-hour to tell you to call another number, talk to the hometown guys. We will gladly return your message and get right on it. If you want your web page built but don't know how to do it, we can do HTML programming too. Remember the name: Virtual Mechanics- the next time you have a problem. E-MAIL